In this paragraph I will talk about the hardships and changes to mission San Juan Capistrano. One problem that Mission San Juan Capistrano had in 1812 was the earthquake. Another was in 1818, when a mean old pirate named Bouchard attacked the mission. When the Spanish tried to defend the mission they just did more damage.

In 1866 the mission was almost completely in ruins. In 1910 John O'Sullivan asked to be put in charge of fixing the mission. When he got the permission, he started to trade the bits and pieces of the mission for new materials to rebuild it. He then hired workers to help him build the buildings. In 1918, he got a permit to make the church active (like actually using it as a church), and it is still used today. Those are the hardships and changes to Mission San Juan Capistrano. If you would like to continue to view my website then please click here or click on one of the other tabs.