Have you ever heard of Mission San Juan Capistrano?  Well, if you haven't, then let me, the mysterious web page maker, tell you some interesting facts that may make you want to check out the mission further. Mission San Juan Capistrano was built from October of 1775 to November of 1776.  

Why did it take so long? In 1775, the Mission San Diego Attack stopped work at the partially built mission. The workers buried the bells but left the cross standing. In 1776, Father Sera found the cross still standing. He then brought workers and they dug up the bells and continued work.

In 1806, people came to the church to celebrate the finishing of the church, the last building to be built in San Juan Capistrano. That is the story of the building of Mission San Juan Capistrano. If you would like to continue to view my website, then please click here for page 2 or click on one of the tabs. Thank you for visiting my website!